How do you make Alcohol in Little Alchemy 2? Step by Step

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You can make Alcohol with some easy and less time taking combinations. There are four ways you can make Alcohol in the Little Alchemy 2 game.

  • fruit + sun
  • fruit + wheat
  • juice + time
  • juice + wheat

How do you make Alcohol in Little Alchemy 2? element path:

First Make Life:

Little Alchemy 2 Life
fire + fire energy
water + water puddle
puddle + puddle / water pond
pond + pond / water lake
lake + lake / water sea
sea + earth primordial soup
primordial soup + energy life
table: life

Second Make Rain:

rain in Little Alchemy 2
earth + earth land
land + earth continent
continent + continent planet
planet + air atmosphere
atmosphere + water cloud
cloud + water rain
table: rain

Third Make Plant:

plant in little alchemy 2
earth + life soil
rain + soil plant
table: plant

Fourth Make Alcohol:

alcohol little alchemy 2
fire + planet sun
sun + water Rainbow
plant + rainbow flower
flower + water fruit
fruit + sun alcohol
table: Alcohol

What can you do with Alcohol in Little Alchemy 2?

New Element Combine with Alcohol
perfume +flower / +rose / +sunflower
sugar +energy / +fire
wine +fruit / +juice
bottle +container
Dionysus +deity
fire +fire + sugar
drunk +human
beer +wheat
Table: what can you make with alcohol

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