How do you make grass in Little Alchemy? Step by Step Guide

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To make grass in Little Alchemy is very simple. There is only one simple step to making grass. Just we need earth and plant element combination.

How do you make Grass in Litte Alchemy? Element Path:

We need to make 3 combinations to make grass. First, make rain combined with air and water element. Second, make plants combine earth and rain element. Last, make grass element combine plant and earth element. Look at the table for a better understanding.

  • First, select Air and Water and combine them together to make Rain.
  • Second, slect Earth and put it on the Rain to make Plant.
  • Last, select basic item Earth and combine them together to make Grass.

Here is the table for your better understanding.

air + water rain
earth + rain plant
plant + earthgrass
table: how to make grass in little alchemy

What can you do with Grass in Little Alchemy?

hay +farmer / +scythe / +sun
garden +house / +plant /
scythe +blade
dew +fog / +water
cow +livestock
swamp +mud
picnic +sandwich
lawn mower +tool
ant +wild animal
table: grass in little alchemy

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