How to Make a DRAGON in Little Alchemy 2? (2023 with Step by Step)

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Little Alchemy 2 is a cool puzzle game. You mix different things to make new things. It’s easy and tons of fun. And everyone loves the dragon in the game!

So, how do you make a dragon in Little Alchemy 2? It’s not hard at all. You only need a lizard and some fire.

In this blog post, I will show you how to make Dragon in Little Alchemy 2 step-by-step. It’s easier than you might think. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your own dragon herd today!

There are 6 ways to make Dragon in Little Alchemy 2. The process is very simple and easy to make. Here are the 6 methods to create a Dragon in Little Alchemy 2:

  • air + lizard
  • airplane + lizard
  • fire + lizard
  • legend + lizard
  • lizard + sky
  • lizard + story

Easy Way to Make a Dragon in Little Alchemy 2 (Air + Lizard)

Little Alchemy 2 is a game of element mixing. Here you can easily mix different elements to create new elements.

It is very important to learn the basics: you have both base elements and final elements.

Dragons fall into the latter category, which means they require specific combinations to be unlocked.

1. Required Elements for Dragon in Little Alchemy 2

To make a dragon, you will need two key elements:

  • Fire: The fiery essence.
  • Earth: The solid foundation.
  • Lizard
  • Air

2. Step-by-Step Guide to Make Dragon in Little Alchemy 2

Creating a dragon involves the following simple steps:

  • Lava: Combine Earth and fire together to create lava.
  • Land: Mix Earth + Earth to form land.
  • Energy: Combine Fire and fire to generate energy.
  • Puddle: Mix Water and water to make a puddle.
  • Stone: Combine Air and lava to create stone.
  • Pond: Mix Puddle and water to get a pond.
  • Lake: Combine Pond and water to form a lake.
  • Sea: Mix Lake and water to create a sea.
  • Primordial Soup: Combine Earth and sea to make primordial soup.
  • Life: Mix Energy + Primordial Soup to give life.
  • Animal: Combine Land and life to create an animal.
  • Lizard: Mix Animal + Stone to get a lizard.
  • Dragon: Finally, combine Air + Lizard to unlock the mythical dragon.

3. Troubleshooting

If you are facing trouble along the way, don’t worry. Here are some common challenges and solutions:

  • Double-check your combinations to ensure accuracy.
  • Remember that you can mix elements in any order.
  • If you get stuck, try revisiting previous combinations to discover new ones.

4. Additional Tips and Tricks

For an extra dash of magic, here are some helpful hints:

  • Experiment with different combinations to uncover other exciting elements.
  • Keep an eye out for hidden Easter eggs or special elements related to dragons.

Fun Facts About Dragons

Before you embark on your dragon-making quest, here are some fascinating facts about dragons:

  • Dragons have been featured in myths and legends from cultures around the world.
  • These creatures are often depicted as powerful and wise, sometimes guarding treasures or challenging heroes.

What New Elements Make with Dragon in Little Alchemy 2

Combine withCreate
dragon + eggdragon egg
good + Chinese Dragonimmortality
immortality + Ouroborosknight
knight + heroPeach of Immortality
Peach of Immortality + story + fairy taleChinese Dragon
New Elements with Dragon in Little Alchemy 2


In conclusion, crafting a dragon in Little Alchemy 2 is an enchanting adventure. Follow our step-by-step guide, and soon, you’ll have this mythical beast at your fingertips. Don’t forget to share your experiences and discoveries with us!

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