How to Make Allergy in Little Alchemy 2?

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There are only 2 ways you can make Allergy in Little Alchemy 2. Here are the 2 paths:

  • dust + human
  • human + pollen

Creating an allergy in Little Alchemy 2 involves combining a few basic elements. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Start with the Basics: You’ll need two fundamental elements – Air and Earth. These are readily available at the beginning of the game.

Craft Dust: Combine Air and Earth to create Dust. This element represents tiny particles that can trigger allergies.

Make a Human (Optional): While not strictly necessary, you can create a Human by combining Earth and Life. This can help visualize the recipient of the allergy.

Combine Dust with a Human (or Solo): Here’s the final step. Drag the Dust element onto your Human (if you made one) or directly onto the play area. This will result in an Allergy!

Here is the walkthrough for Allergy in Little Alchemy 2:

  • air + earth = dust
  • earth + water = mud
  • fire + fire = energy
  • earth + fire = lava
  • water + water = puddle
  • air + lava = stone
  • puddle + water = pond
  • pond + water = lake
  • mud + stone = clay
  • lake + water = sea
  • earth + sea = primordial soup
  • energy + primordial soup = life
  • clay + life = human
  • dust + human = allergy
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