How to Make Campfire in Little Alchemy 1? Step by Step

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So many players tried to make Campfire in Little Alchemy 1 but failed. This guide will teach you how to make these elements without any doubt.

I am Akash. I have been playing Little Alchemy 1 and Little Alchemy 2 games since 2019. Here I am to help you with my own experience.

There is only one combination (fire + wood = campfire) available for creating a campfire in little alchemy 1.

How to Make Campfire in Little Alchemy 1:

Making Campfire in Little Alchemy 1 is a very simple and easy process. To make this element you need to combine two elements together: Fire and Wood. Here is how to do it.

1. First Make Time:

You need only 6 combinations to make Time in Little Alchemy 1. Here is the elements list.

Just combining Earth and Fire together to make Lava. After that combine air and lava together to make stone. Just like this do all the combinations.

  • earth + fire = lava
  • air + lava = stone
  • fire + stone = metal
  • air + stone = sand
  • fire + sand = glass
  • glass + sand = time

2. Second Make Human:

To make Human in Little Alchemy 1, you need to combine earth and life elements together.

  • air + water = rain
  • earth + rain = plant
  • earth + water = mud
  • mud + plant = swamp
  • air + fire = energy
  • energy + swamp = life
  • earth + life = human

3. Final Make Campfire:

You already finished 70 percent of your work. Now only 30 percent of combinations are needed to make your final element. Here is the final list.

  • plant + time = tree
  • human + metal = tool
  • tool + tree = wood
  • fire + wood = campfire

Little Alchemy Cheats – What can you do with Campfire:

Campfire + brickfireplace
Campfire + fabricsmoke signal
Campfire + gardenbbq
Campfire + housefireplace
Campfire + humanstory
Campfire + meatbbq
Campfire + sugarmarshmallows
Campfire + wallfireplace
Campfire + witchcauldron
table: what can you do with a campfire


In conclusion, making Campfire in Little Alchemy 1 is a very fun process. By combining fire with wood, you can make Campfire in little alchemy 1. It’s a great way to spend time experimenting and learning in this educational entertaining game.


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