How to Make Chicken in Little Alchemy 2? Step by Step

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So many players tried to make Chicken in Little Alchemy 2 but failed. This guide will teach you how to make these elements without any doubt.

I am Akash. I have been playing Little Alchemy 1 and Little Alchemy 2 games since 2019. Here I am to help you with my own experience.

There are 10 methods to make Chicken in Little Alchemy 2. The 10 combinations are

  1. barn + bird
  2. barn + egg
  3. bird + domestication
  4. bird + farm
  5. bird + farmer
  6. bird + livestock
  7. domestication + egg
  8. egg + farm
  9. egg + farmer
  10. egg + livestock

Don’t worry! we will make this element as simple as possible.

How to Make Chicken in Little Alchemy 2 – Easiest Combination

We already know the 10 combinations of Chicken. Now the question is what is the easiest combination or method? The simple process is Barn + Egg.

How to make Chicken in little alchemy 2 fun and educational game you need to make 3 important elements (life, barn, and egg). Here is the complete process to make this element.

STEP 1 – Make Life:

There are 12 combinations available to make Life. If you want you can visit our details post about “How to make Life in Little Alchemy 2“.

little alchemy 2 life walkthrough
image: little alchemy 2 life walkthrough
Water + WaterPuddle
Puddle + Water / PuddlePond
Pond + Pond / WaterLake
Lake + Lake / WaterSea
Sea + EarthPrimordial Soup
Fire + FireEnergy
Energy + Primordial SoupLife
table: life

STEP 2 – Make Barn:

This is the second step. In this step, you need only 8 combinations to make a barn. Here are the step-by-step details.

little alchemy 2 barn walkthrough
Image: little alchemy 2 barn walkthrough
  • earth + fire = lava
  • air + lava = stone
  • fire + stone = metal
  • stone + stone = wall
  • earth + metal = plow
  • wall + wall = house
  • earth + plow = field
  • field + house = barn

Congratulations! you complete the second step.

FINAL STEP – Make Chicken:

You make Life, then Barn element, and now the final step begins. In this step, you need to make an “egg” element with combinations between 2x “phoenix” elements.

  • fire + life = phoenix
  • phoenix + phoenix = egg
  • barn + egg = chicken

Congratulations! you successfully make Chicken in Little Alchemy 2.

What can you do with Chicken in Little Alchemy 2:

Combine with ChickenMake New Element
Chicken + animalfox
Chicken + axemeat
Chicken + barnchicken coop
Chicken + bbqchicken wing
Chicken + bonechicken wing
Chicken + butchermeat
Chicken + Chickenegg
Chicken + containerchicken coop
Chicken + corpsevulture
Chicken + dogfox
Chicken + eggphilosophy
Chicken + housechicken coop
Chicken + lakeduck
Chicken + liquidchicken soup
Chicken + MonsterCockatrice
Chicken + paperorigami
Chicken + pondduck
Chicken + swordmeat
Chicken + toolmeat
Chicken + wallchicken coop
Chicken + waterchicken soup + duck
Chicken + wolffox


In conclusion, making Chicken in Little Alchemy 2 is a very fun process. By combining field and house you can create a barn, after combining two phoenixes to make “egg”, and then by adding a barn with an egg, you can make a Chicken in little alchemy 2. It’s a great way to spend time experimenting and learning in this educational game.


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