How to Make Hero in Little Alchemy 2 – Little Alchemy 2 Cheats

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There are so many players who tried to make Hero in Little Alchemy 2 but failed. This guide will teach you how to make these elements without a question mark.

I am Akash. I have been playing Little Alchemy 1 and Little Alchemy 2 games since 2019. Here I am to help you with my own experienced.

If you haven’t read the rest of our posts (how to make stone, airplane, air, acid rain, cold, kanabo, hero, flower, time, cloud, etc.) yet, you can do so quickly.

There are 4 ways you can make Hero in Little Alchemy 2. Here are the four combinations –

  • human + legend
  • human + lightning
  • human + story
  • dragon + knight

A simple way to Make Hero in Little Alchemy 2

We already know how to make Hero in Little Alchemy 2 in 4 ways, but today we will learn the simple methods.

Human + Story is the simple method out of 4 methods. You need to follow only 3 steps to make these elements.

First Make Life in Little Alchemy 2:

water + water = puddle

fire + fire = energy

puddle + water = pond

pond + water = lake

lake + water = sea

earth + sea = primordial soup

energy + primordial soup = life

Second Make Lightning in Little Alchemy 2:

earth + earth = land

earth + land = continent

continent + continent = planet

air + planet = atmosphere

atmosphere + water = cloud

cloud + energy = lightning

Third Make Hero in Little Alchemy 2:

earth + water = mud

earth + fire = lava

air + lava = stone

mud + stone = clay

clay + life = human

human + lightning = hero

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