How to Make STONE in Little Alchemy 2? Step by Step guide

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“How to make stone in Little Alchemy 2?” this is very simple to make in little alchemy 2. There are 3 combinations to make Stone in Little Alchemy 2.

Stone is a very important element in the little alchemy 2 games. We need 2 combinations to make Stone in Little Alchemy 2.

3 different element combinations to make Stone in Little Alchemy 2. This is neither very difficult nor very easy to make. 3 combinations are…

  • earth + solid
  • earth + pressure
  • air + lava

How to make Stone in Little Alchemy 2? step by step combinations

First Method: earth + lava

stone in little alchemy 2
stone in little alchemy 2

In this method, we will combine earth, and air together to make a Stone. Here is the table for better understanding.

earth + fire lava
lava + air stone

Second Method: earth + pressure

There are 5 ways you can make pressure in Little Alchemy 2. Look at the table below

air + airpressure
atmosphere + atmospherepressure
ocean + ocean pressure
geyser + sciencepressure
air + atmospherepressure

Just combine air 2 times (air + air) to make pressure and then select earth from the right side and put it on the pressure element to make stone.

stone in little alchemy 2
stone in little alchemy 2
air + air pressure
pressure + earthstone

Third Method: earth + solid:

These combinations are a little bit hard. Before making a solid, you need to create 3 main elements (life, universe and science)

First Make: Life

Little Alchemy 2 Life
Water + WaterPuddle
Puddle + Puddle / WaterPond
Pond + Pond / WaterLake
Lake + Water / LakeSea
Fire + EarthLava
Lava + SeaPrimordial Soup
Earth + LavaVolcano
Volcano + Primordial SoupLife

Second Make: Universe

Universe in Little Alchemy 2
A universe in Little Alchemy 2
earth + earth land
earth + land continent
continent + continentplanet
planet + planet solar system
solar system + solar systemgalaxy
galaxy + galaxygalaxy cluster
galaxy cluster + galaxy cluster Universe

Third Make Human:

Little Alchemy 2 human
Little Alchemy 2 human
earth + fire lava
lava + air stone
earth + watermud
mud + stone clay
clay + life human

Final Step Make Solid and Stone:

stone in little alchemy 2
stone in little alchemy 2
human + universe science
earth + science Solid
solid + earthStone

What can you do with Stone in Little Alchemy 2?

There are almost 40 to 50 elements you can make with Stone.

fossil+bone / +corpse / +dinosaur / +skeleton
sand +air / +wind
lizard +animal
his +boulder
gravestone +depth / +grave / +graveyard
pyramid +desert
land +earth
lizard +egg
metal +fire / +heat
chimney +fireplace
juice +fruit
moss +grass
tool +human
philosopher’s stone+immortality
castle +knight
sphinx +lion
clay +liquid / +mineral / +mud
blade +metal / +steel
gargoyle +monster
wheel +motion
moon +night / +planet / +sky
mineral +organic matter
coal +peat
moss +plant
granite +pressure
boulder +rock
sandstone +sand
pebble +small
chimney +smoke
snowball +snow
meteoroid +solar system / +space / +sun
wall +stone
oil +sunflower
Excalibur +sword
hammer +tool
juice +vegetable
flour +wheat
axe + tool +wood

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