How to Make Wind in Little Alchemy 1? 2023

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Welcome to the magic of Little Alchemy cheats guide on how to make Wind in little alchemy 1.

There are so many players who want to know the combinations to make this element in the little alchemy 1 game, we are here for you to make this element.

I am Akash. I have played Little Alchemy 1 and Little Alchemy 2 games since 2019. Here I am to help you with my own experience.

There are two ways you can make these elements. Here are the two combinations:

  • air + psi
  • air + energy

First Method to make Wind in Little Alchemy 1:

To make wind in Little Alchemy 1, you need to combine air and psi together. Here’s how to do it:

  • air + air = psi
  • air + psi = Wind

The second method to make Wind:

This is the easiest method in this game. You need to combine two basic elements together that Little Alchemy 1 already gives you as basic elements. You don’t need to make this element because these elements are already in the game pre-built. Here’s how to do it:

First, select the “fire” element and placed it on the dashboard. Second, select the “air” element again and put it on the “fire” element to make an energy element.

Second, select and drag the “energy” element on the “air” element to make a new “wind” element.

  • fire + air = energy
  • energy + air = wind


In conclusion, making Wind in Little Alchemy 1 is a very fun process. By combining energy and air elements, you can make Wind in little alchemy 1. It’s a great way to spend time experimenting and learning in this educational entertaining game.


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