Ice in Little Alchemy 2: Best and Simple Way to Make Ice

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There are 4 ways you can make Ice in Little Alchemy 2. These 4 methods are –

  • Cold + Water = Ice
  • Cold + Puddle = Ice
  • Puddle + Solid = Ice
  • Solid + Water = Ice

How to Make Ice in Little Alchemy 2? Cold + Puddle

This is our first method to make Ice in little alchemy 2.

In this method you need to make Clay, Life, Human, Wind, Puddle like main elements. So let’s make these elements step by step.

1. First Make Clay:

clay in little alchemy 2
clay in little alchemy 2

To make Clay in Little Alchemy 2, you need to make 3 or 4 combinations. First lava, second stone, third mud and fourth clay. Step by Step guide below –

First, select Earth and Fire elements from the right side element bar and combine them together for the Lava element. (Earth + Fire = Lava)

Second, select basic element Air and combine it with Lava for Stone element in little Alchemy 2. (lava + air = Stone)

Third, select Earth and Water elements and combine them with each other for Mud element. (Earth + Water = Mud)

Final, select Stone and put it on the Mud element for New Clay in Little Alchemy 2. (Stone + Mud = Clay)

See the table below-

earth + fire lava
lava + air stone
earth + watermud
stone + mud Clay
table: clay in little alchemy 2

2. Second Make Human:

Little Alchemy 2 human
Little Alchemy 2 human

This is our second method. In this method you need to make Primordial Soup, Life elements and then combine them together for a new Human element. See the step by step guide below –

First, combine 2 Water together for Puddle. (water + water = puddle)

Second, combine 2 puddle together for a Pond. (puddle + puddle = pond)

Third, combine 2 Pond elements together for Lake. (pond + pond = lake)

Fourth, combine 2 Lake elements together for the Sea. (lake + lake = sea)

Fifth, combine Sea and Earth elements together for Primordial Soup. (sea + earth = primordial soup)

Sixth, combine 2 Fire elements for Energy. (fire + fire = energy)

Seventh, combine Primordial soup and Energy elements together for Life. (Primordial soup + energy = life)

Final, combine Life and Clay elements together for Human in Little Alchemy 2. (life + clay = human)

See the table below for better understanding.

water + water puddle
puddle + puddle pond
pond + pond lake
lake + lake sea
sea + earth primordial soup
fire + fire energy
primordial soup + energy life
life + clay human
table: human in little alchemy 2

3. Third Make Wind:

little alchemy 2 wind
little alchemy 2 wind

This is the third method. In this method you need to combine 2 Air elements for Pressure elements and Air and Pressure elements for Wind. Let’s see the actual process –

First, combine 2 Air for Pressure elements. (air + air = pressure)

Final, combine Air and Pressure together for Wind in Little Alchemy 2. (air + pressure = wind)

air + air pressure
air + pressure wind
table: wind in little alchemy 2

4. Finally Make Ice:

little alchemy 2 ice
little alchemy 2 ice

This is our final method. In this method you need to combine Human and Wind elements together for Cold after that combine Cold and Puddle elements together for Ice in Little Alchemy 2.

First, combine Human and Wind elements together for the Cold element. (human + wind = cold)

Second, combine Puddle or Water elements with Cold elements for Ice in little alchemy 2. (cold + puddle = Ice)

See the table for better understanding.

human + wind cold
cold + puddle / waterIce
table: ice in little alchemy 2

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