How to Make Life in Little Alchemy 1? (2023)

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Making Life in Little Alchemy is a very simple and easy process. You need to combine just 5 or 6 elements together to make Life in little alchemy.

Life is a very important and most needed element in this game. There are so many elements you can create with this little Life element.

There are only 2 methods to make Life in a little alchemy 1. The 2 methods are:

  • love + time
  • energy + swamp

Make Life in Little Alchemy:

life in little alchemy
image: how to make life in little alchemy

There are 2 combinations to make life, but first, we only discuss energy + swamp combination. Because this combination is very simple to make and easy to understand.

  • First, select air and fire items and combine them together to make Energy.
  • Second, select Earth and Water and combine them together to make Mud.
  • Third, select basic items Air and Water, and then combine them together to make a Rain element.
  • After that, select Earth and combine it with Rain to make Plant.
  • After that, select Mud and combine it with Plants to make Swamp.
  • Last, select Energy from the sidebar and combine it with Swamp to make Life.

Here is the table for clear and simple understanding…..

air + fireenergy
earth + watermud
air + water rain
earth + rain plant
mud + plant swamp
energy + swamplife
table: how to make life in little alchemy 2
little alchemy life
little alchemy life

play little alchemy

What can you make with Life in Little Alchemy?

You can make a lot of elements using life in a little alchemy game. Here is the table below

robot+armor / +metal / +steel
plankton +ocean / +sea / +water
bird+air / +sky
unicorn+double rainbow! / +rainbow
golem +clay
corpse +zombie
gingerbread man +dough
human +earth
livestock +farmer
wild animal +forest
alien +space
egg +stone
bacteria +swamp
table: what can you make with life in little alchemy

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