How to Make Metal in Little Alchemy 1? (2023)

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Metal is one of the most important materials in our world. It is used to make everything from tools and machines to buildings and bridges. But how is metal made in the first place?

In this blog post, we will show you how to make metal in Little Alchemy 1, a popular puzzle game where you combine elements to create new ones.

There are only one combination to make Metal in little alchemy game. Fire + stone is the combination you can make with.

How to Make Metal in Little Alchemy 1?

Making Metal in Little Alchemy 1 is very easy. First, combine earth and fire together to make lava. Second, select Air and combine it with Lava to make Stone. Third, select Fire and combine it with Stone to make Metal.

  • First, select Earth and Fire elements from the right side element bar and combine together to make Lava.
  • Second, select Air from right side and put it on the Lava to make Stone.
  • Third, select Fire element and put it on the Stone to make Metal.

Here is the table for better understanding.

earth + fire lava
air + lava stone
fire + stone metal
table: how to make metal in little alchemy

What can You Make with Metal in Little Alchemy 1?

You can make so many elements using Metal in little alchemy 1 game.

rust +air / +oxygen
safe +gold / +money
needle+hay / +thread
fridge+ice / +cold
gold+sun / +rainbow
hammer +wood
car +wheel
boiler +steam
train +steam engine
crown +monarch
lamp +light bulb
robot +life
bullet +gunpowder
grenade +explosion
electricity +energy
wire +electricity
ring +diamond
mousetrap +cheese
fire extinguisher +carbon dioxide
sword +blade
table: what can you make with Metal in little alchemy

Play Little Alchemy game now.


Now that you know how to make metal, the possibilities are endless! You can create powerful tools and weapons, build magnificent structures, and even craft your own unique works of art. So go forth and forge your own destiny in Little Alchemy 1!

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