How to Make Plant in Little Alchemy 1? (2023)

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plant in little alchemy

Little Alchemy is one of the best brain game ever made. This game is very good for our brain because this game allows us to create multiple things combined with different elements. 

Today, we are going to create a plant in a little alchemy game. Making Plant in this game is so easy. You need only 4 elements to create this element. 

There is only one way you can create or make Plant in Little Alchemy. The combination is earth + rain.

How to Make Plant in Little Alchemy? Step by Step:

plant in little alchemy
plant in little alchemy

To make a Plant in Little Alchemy, First, you need to combine air and water 2 basic elements together and then combine earth with rain to make the Plant element. Look at the list given below.

  • First, select Air and Water and combine them together to make Rain.
  • Last, select basic element Earth and combine it with Rain to make Plant.

Here is the table for you.

air + water rain
earth + rain plant
table: plant in little alchemy

Play Little Alchemy

What can you do with Plant in Little Alchemy?

You can make so many elements using the Plant element. Because Plant is an important and great element in Little Alchemy game. Read our lates article how to make metal and Life in little alchemy.

cactus+desert / +sand
garden +grass / +plant
algae + seaweed+ocean / +sea
algae +water
oxygen +carbon dioxide
cotton +cloud
grass +earth
wheat +farmer
hedge +fence
tobacco +fire
flower +garden
greenhouse +glass
farmer +human
rose +love
swamp +mud
carbon dioxide +night
vase +pottery
+coal +pressure
herb +sickness
moss +stone
energy + oxygen + sunflower+sun
ivy +wall
algae +water
table: how to make plant in little alchemy

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