How to Make Stone in Little Alchemy 1? (2023)

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Making Stone in Little Alchemy is very simple. You need just 2 seconds to make stone in Little Alchemy game. Follow my step by step guide to make it easy way.

There are only one way you can make Stone in Little Alchemy game. That is Air + Lava combination.

How to Make Stone in Little Alchemy 1? Step by Step

To make Stone, you need four elements like Earth, air, fire and lava. And combine them step by step to make our main Stone element possible.

  • Select Earth and Fire elements and combine together to make Lava.
  • Select Air and combine with Lava to make main Stone element possible.
Earth + Fire Lava
Air + Lava Stone
table: stone in little alchemy

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What can you make with Stone in little alchemy?

You can make alot of elements just using this Stone element. Here is table for you.

sand +wind / +air
flour +wheat
moss+algae / +plant
statue +tool
pyramid +desert
excalibur +sword
fossil +dinosaur
pop rocks +explosion
metal +fire
gravestone +grave
egg +life
blade +metal
sandstone +sand
moon +sky
meteoroid +space
table: what can you make with stone in little alchemy

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