Tree in Little Alchemy: Easy to Make Tree in Little Alchemy

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Tree in Little Alchemy: Tree is a very special and important element in the Little Alchemy game.

We human beings can’t live without trees. In this same way many elements can not exist without a tree in this game.

So you need to learn how to make this element. Don’t worry, we are here to teach you the simple and easiest method to make Tree in Little Alchemy.

There is only one way you can make a Tree in the Little Alchemy game.

That is the Plant + Time combination. Follow my step by step guide for a beautiful explanation.

How to Make Tree in Little Alchemy?

tree in little alchemy
tree in little alchemy

To make a tree in little alchemy, first you need to make 2 major elements like plant and time, and then combine plant and time elements together for your Tree element. Let’s see the actual process

  • First, select basic items Air and Water and combine them together to make Rain. Air + Water = Rain
  • Second, select Earth and combine it with the Rain element to make a major element Plant. Earth + Rain = Plant
  • Third, select Earth and Fire and combine them together to make Lava. Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Fourth, select Air and combine it with a pre-made Lava element to make a new Stone element. Air + Lava = Stone
  • Fifth, select again Air and combine it with Stone to make a new Sand element. Air + Stone = Sand
  • After that, select the basic item Fire and combine it with Sand to make Glass in little alchemy. Fire + Sand = Glass
  • After that, select Sand and combine it with Glass to make the second major element Time. Glass + Sand = Time
  • Last, select Time and Plant elements and combine them together to make the final Tree element. Time + Plant = Tree

Here is the table for your understanding.

air + waterrain
earth + rainPlant
earth + firelava
air + lava stone
air + stone sand
fire + sand glass
glass + sand time
time + plant Tree
table: tree in Little Alchemy

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