Little Alchemy 1 Wood: How to Make Wood in Little Alchemy 1?

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There is only one method to make Wood in Little Alchemy. Tool + Tree is the only way to make Wood. Just follow my step by step to make Wood in the Little Alchemy game.

Wood is a very important element because you can make a lot of elements using this wood element.

So you need to learn this step-by-step guide very carefully.

How to Make Wood in Little Alchemy 1?

First Make Life:

life in little alchemy

To make life in little alchemy is very easy. Also, you can check our complete guide to making life in little alchemy.

Below we will guide you on how to make life in a little alchemy step-by-step process with simple combinations. Look at the process.

  • First, make Energy combine with the Air and Fire element.
  • Second, make Mud combine with Earth and Water elements.
  • Third, make Rain combine Air and Water together.
  • Fourth, make plants combine Earth and Rain elements together.
  • Fifth, make a Swamp combination between mud and Plant.
  • Finally, make Life combined with Swamp and Energy elements together.

Here is the table for a step-by-step guide.

air + fire energy
earth + water mud
air + water rain
earth + rain plant
mud + plant swamp
swamp + energylife
table: how to make life

Second Make Metal:

metal in little alchemy

You need only 3 combinations to make Metal in little alchemy. Below we guide you to make Metal in a step-by-step process.

  • First, make a Lava combination between Earth and Fire elements.
  • Second, make a Stone combination between the Air and Lava element.
  • Final make a Metal combination between Stone and Fire elements.

Look at the table below.

earth + fire lava
air + lava stone
stone + fire metal
table: how to make metal

Third Make Time:

time in little alchemy

This is our third step. In this step again you need 3 combinations to make Time in a little alchemy game. Below we guide you through a step-by-step process.

  • First, make a Sand combination between Air and Stone.
  • Second, make a Glass combination between Fire and Sand in little alchemy.
  • Final make Time combination between Glass and Sand elements.

Here is the step-by-step guide.

air + stone sand
fire + sand glass
glass + sand time
table: how to make time

Final Make Wood:

wood in little alchemy

This is the final step. In this step, you need to combine new Tree and Tool elements together to make Wood in Little Alchemy.

  • First, make a Human combination between Earth and Fire elements.
  • Second, make Tool combinations between Human and Metal elements.
  • Third, make Tree element combinations between Plant and Time elements.
  • Finally, make a Wood in a little alchemy combination of Tree and Tool elements.

Below is a step-by-step table for your better understanding.

earth + life human
human + metal tool
plant + time tree
tree + toolwood
table: how to make wood

What can I make with Wood in Little Alchemy?

New elementsCombine with Wood
pencil +coal / +charcoal
dam +beaver
axe +blade
coffin +corpse
tent +fabric
campfire + charcoal + smoke +fire
fishing rod +fish
broom +hay
trojan horse +horse
log cabin +house
hammer +metal
ruler +pencil
bridge +river
wand +wizard
beaver +wild animal
cart +wheel
pipe +tobacco
table: what can you make with wood in little alchemy

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