Planet in Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Planet

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Planet is one of the most useful elements in the little alchemy 2 game. Today we will create a planet in little alchemy 2 with the easiest way.

There are 5 ways you can create Planet in Little Alchemy 2. The 5 methods are

  • continent + continent 
  • ocean + continent 
  • earth + space 
  • earth + solar system 
  • earth + sky

Now we will combine only simple and easy element combinations.

NO 1: How to make a planet in little alchemy 2? Continent + Continent

planet in little alchemy 2
little alchemy 2 planet

In this step we will create only one continent element and combine them together to make our final element.

There are 4 ways you can create Continent in Little Alchemy 2 but we use only one combination.

Earth + Earth = Land

Earth + Land = Continent

Continent + Continent = Planet

Congratulations! Now you can also create this element with confidence. 

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NO 2: Make planet in little alchemy 2: ocean + continent

In this step, you need to create two different elements. You can follow my combinations to make this element.

First, we will make ocean elements and then continents and after that combine them together to make a planet in little alchemy 2.

STEP 1: Make Continent

Earth + Earth = Land

Earth + Land = Continent

Now make the second element.

STEP 2: Make Ocean

Just like continents, we will make ocean elements. Ocean is the most important element in this game.

Once you discover the ocean you can make so many elements just using this element. Here is the walkthrough

  1. water + water = puddle
  2. puddle + water = pond
  3. pond + water = lake
  4. lake + water = sea
  5. sea + water = ocean

Now combine Ocean and Continent elements together to make a Planet element.

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NO 3: Make Planet in Little Alchemy 2 with Earth + Space

You need 8 combinations to create this element. Just follow my step by step methods to create this element.

Just combine 2 earth elements to create land, after that drag Earth element on Land to create Continent.

Now, combine 2 continent elements together to make a planet. Then create 2 planet elements to create the solar system.

All the combinations given below.

earth + earth = land
earth + land = continent
continent + continent = planet
planet + planet = solar system
air + planet = atmosphere
atmosphere + water = cloud
air + cloud = sky
sky + solar system = space

space + earth = Planet

Congratulations! you successfully create this element.

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What can you make with Planet in Little Alchemy 2?

Combine withMake
acid rainvenus
containersolar system
oceanprimordial soup
planetsolar system
seaprimordial soup
sunsolar system
table: what can you make with planet

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