10 Amazing Birds That Eat Fish in Their Diet

By Akash

Date: 3 March 2024

Osprey: Fish-eating bird that grabs fish with its reversible toe. Found worldwide.

Bald Eagle: The U.S. national bird, recognizable by its white head and tail. Lives in North America.

Kingfisher: Brightly colored birds known for their rapid flight and fishing skills. Found worldwide.

Cormorant: Black aquatic birds that dive to catch fish. Found around the world.

Heron: Long-legged birds that fish in freshwater and coasts. Found globally.

Pelican: Large water birds with a distinctive throat pouch for catching fish. Found worldwide.

Gull: Medium to large birds, often white or grey, living near seas and lakes globally.

Tern: Seabirds with long forked tails, known for their graceful flight. Migratory, found worldwide.

Egret: White or buff herons with fine plumes during breeding. Found on all continents except Antarctica.

Anhinga: Also known as the snakebird, swims with its body underwater and neck above. Found in the Americas.